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Wooden pellets

Wooden pellets

Wooden pellets are made by compressing wooden sawdust and shavings as by-product of wood processing. They are characterized by extreme density and low water contents. They are used as high-quality ecological fuel.

The water contents is an important parameter for heating value of fuel and long-term wear of boilers; therefore the input material should be subject to adequate additional drying in drying rooms before actual pelletization.

Hay or straw pellets

Hay or straw pellets

They can be called also agropellets or alternative pellets; they are made of agricultural production surplus like straw, hay, wastes generated when cleaning cereal, oil plants and leguminous plants. As compared to wooden pellets, they usually have higher contents of ashes (5%).

Agropellets constitute an important source of renewable energy and a considerable potential for economic development of the country.

Transportation method

Dumper truck
& roll-up box

Bulk pellets of all types or wooden chips can be more favourably transported with the help of a dumper truck or an automatic roll-up box.


Big Bags

We use so called Big Bags for delivery of pellets; the deliveries in such bags can be chosen by sizes and volumes in m3. The package price is included in the delivery price.

  • load bearing capacity of the bags: 1000 kg
  • material: polypropylene fabric
Bag sizem3semitrailer transport
90 x 90 x 2001,62022 pcs
90 x 90 x 2101,70122 pcs