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Round bales (hay or straw)

Round bales (hay or straw)

The weight of the individual round bales oscillates between 200 – 300kg.

Diametersemitrailer transport
120 cm42 pcs
130 cm40 pcs
140 cm36 pcs
150 cm36 pcs
160 cm34 pcs
170 cm30 pcs
180 cm30 pcs
Square bales (hay or straw)

Square bales (hay or straw)

The weight of the individual square bales oscillates between 500 – 550kg for hay and 400 - 450kg for straw.

Dimensionssemitrailer transport
90x120x245 cm40-44 pcs
80x120x245 cm40-44 pcs
70x120x245 cm40-44 pcs

Transportation method

Semitrailer (platform)

We transport biomass to you in form of bulk round or square straw bulks with the help of a truck with semitrailer (platform). You can find specification and transported amount at the specific type of biomass or biofuel.